Our Staff.


Our Staff.

Kemarte Jefferson  

Chief Executive Officer of emotionsbrand, LLC

Founder & CEO of emotionsbrand, LLC, Kemarte Jefferson is an alumni of McKinley Technology High School. Graduating in the global pandemic; COVID-19 and the heavily pushed #BlackLivesMatter movement, Kemarte started emotionsbrand with the goal of reversing and opposing the narrative of men not being able to present or display emotions. Thought-out High School, Kemarte have been in numerous activities and accomplished a lot. Successfully started the Theater club at McKinley Tech and was the inaugural President. Kemarte was elected President of his junior class and bagen making impacts on the class. Kemarte was also selected to meet President Barack Obama when President Obama made a surprise visit to McKinley Tech, being the only sophomore to accompany a group of juniors and seniors. Within sports Kemarte was named the first inductee from McKinley Tech to be in the Pigskin Club of Washington organization. Kemarte also broke 3 school records for football with most tackles, most sacks, and most Tackles for loss. Kemarte was named Second-Team All-League, All-State, and All-Metropolitan football player. With his recent launching of Emotionsbrand, his support for his new company as been over-whelming from his family, and his church home, where he is a Deacon-In-Training at Purpose Vision Family Ministries. After high school, he plans to attend college at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware on a football scholarship. He does plan to continue to run emotionsbrand with the assistance from his Operating Officer and Outreach Coordinator & Strategies Officer. 

David Bryan 

Cheif Operating Officer & 

Outreach Coordinator of Emotionsbrand, LLC

Outreach Coordinator & Strategies officer of emotionsbrand, LLC, David Bryan is a rising senior at Northwestern High School. Before transferring to Northwestern High School in his junior year, David attended McKinley Technology High School where he focused in Computer Science . During his tenure at McKinley Technology High School, David was a starting Linebacker on McKinley Tech Football Team where he was named DCIAA All-league linebacker. Growing up in the DMV area with a pretty ordinary lifestyle as a kid, he regularly attended church as part of the choir ministry, usher ministry, and dance ministry. During what felt like a boring summer to David he found hobbies in order to keep himself occupied, which included working out, working on his math skills and all important football practice. He loved playing all sports but he knew football was something special. After having to transfer to Northwestern High School, he successfully secured a starting linebacker spot on the varsity football team. Recently with emotionsbrand, LLC, David produced a huge advance in the company's numbers with his skills of being able to connect to people. His position as Outreach Coordinator and Strategies Officer could not fit him more with the job he has done already. The Chief Executive Officer can not wait to see what he has next for the business.

Isaiah Williams 

Minority Owner of emotionsbrand, LLC

Isaiah Williams, a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School is the Minority Owner for emotionsbrand LLC. He studies Information technology and specifically is interested in software development. Mainly working behind the scenes, he creates important documents, aids with the process of promoting various social media pages, and tending to the creative aspect of the brand. During his Junior year at McKinley, he was selected All-League for football, and won various medals for track and field including Triple Jump, and 4x2 Relay. Some of his hobbies are cooking, sports, and video games. Isaiah was hired to work with Emotionsbrand in late June to work with one of his closest friends, CEO, Kemarte Jefferson. Isaiah, the oldest of 6, has been put in leadership roles as young as the age of 11. From changing diapers, to supervising, to making meals. This has helped him mature at an early age, learning imperative life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and self-control. As well as life lessons such as good things don’t come easy, and there's no shame in not knowing. In school, Isaiah was known for his people skills, always interacting with somebody and putting a smile on their face or making them laugh. Along with his intellect and athletic ability, Isaiah is praised for his respectful manner and compassion for others. In college, Isaiah hopes to continue his software development track, as he is currently in the works of obtaining career-specific certifications to pair with his foreseeable information technology degree. He also wishes to take culinary classes post-college to expand on his love for cooking. All in all, Isaiah is a great friend, employee, student, and family member.