Emotionsbrand Royal family


Emotionsbrand Royal family

What is the Royal Family?

In Honor of the diligent and loyal customers of emotionsbrand,LLC that help us grow each and every day. The Chief Executive Officer of emotionsbrand,LLC and the Chief Operating Officer of emotionsbrand,LLC have introduced a new program in which our customers are appreciated by joining the emotionsbrand Royal Family. When a part of the Royal Family, customers are able to receive 25% off every further purchase made with emotionsbrand. They are also updates about new merchandise, able to get pre-Orders before new merchandise is released. Custom merchandise for specific individuals and an exclusive Free Gift on emotionsbrand birthday (May 20). 

To Become an member: 

One must purchase the exclusive limited emotionsbrand package. Purchasing a package will make you an automatic member of the Royal Family and you will receive updates about your membership and the exclusive benefits you will receive. 

Questions please contact us on the contact tab of the emotionsbrand website.